Blueguard ME

Blue Guard delivers tailored training and certification to lifeguards, businesses and residents of the UAE in Water Safety and First Aid. They serve by providing training to over 3228 individuals since 2018. SignetRing Digital aided Blueguard in their new website creation.

Understand the project

The first step was to understand the purpose of the website, the target audience and the goal to be achieved. The first stage ensures that we cover the full scope of the project, make a well-defined plan, outline specific deliverables and assign realistic timelines thereby creating a clear definition of success.

Site architecture and wireframes

As the next step we researched into Blueguards Market, it’s competitors, it’s customers, we then proceeded to ideate, brainstorm and create sitemaps and flows that explain the user’s journey on your website. Through detailed click through wireframes we create a high-level view of the elements on each webpage and the content architecture.

Visual design

After the wireframes were perfected, we start work on the look of each webpage. We followed the creative guidelines to design a website that is a seamless extension of the brand in the digital world.

Website code & development

Once the designs were approved we then brought to life by our engineering team. We use global standards and an impeccable code quality to build websites that do more than just look great. All our websites are built to have fast load times and optimised performance across browsers, devices & resolutions.

Testing & evaluation

Before the big day, the website was tested thoroughly in the production environment for missing content, broken links, responsiveness, usability, speed and performance. Tweaks were made to fix all bugs and reach the stage of final go-live.

Launch & go-live

The Website was pushed into the live environment once we had a go ahead from the Blueguard Team. We kept a close watch on performance to ensure that it hits the mark and achieves the success goal.