E-commerce: MVMT

MVMT is a Los Angeles-based retail brand selling high-quality, affordable watches, jewelry and accessories for men and women. Founded in 2013 and backed by an overwhelmingly successful crowdfunding campaign, the company began their journey selling sophisticated, minimalist watches in a Shopify store. Since their inception, MVMT has become a global brand with more than 1.5 million MVMT product owners worldwide. Their target customer is drawn to their modern, minimalist aesthetic and independent attitude. Long before Instagram dominated the social media landscape, MVMT’s team instinctively knew that working with talented Instagram influencers could be an effective content-sourcing strategy. Years before influencer marketing became an everyday buzz phrase, the brand’s young, hip identity made working with influencers a natural fit.In 2019, MVMT targeted the UAE market. MVMT reached out to SignetRing digital for the right brand ambassador. They chose @srdubai to represent the brand.

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