Bukhowa Group
Restaurants and Base Operating: Bukhowa Group

Bukhowa Group is a family-based company started in 1984, today they have proudly transformed the group to an international firm with offices in Bahrain, Djibouti, Dubai, and the United States. Their company began as a single restaurant and has since successfully expanded to over 180 restaurants. Today their key business sectors include real estate development, property management, US Military contracting, in addition to restaurants. The Bukhowa Group encompasses four major companies – Bukhowa International, Bukhowa Military Development, East African Development Company, and Dar Al Hayat Leasing and Management. Under these four pillars, they carry out the development and management of large-scale commercial and residential real estate projects, operate franchised restaurants, and build and operate restaurants on US Navy Bases around the world. Their focus is on real estate and restaurant development for the world’s most unique locations.

Bukhowa Group approached SignetRing Digital with their Website Project, their previous website was a simple WordPress website which did not communicate the value of their Business. The work with Bukhowa started with a workshop with the CEO to understand his vision for the company and gain a deep understanding of the product and its relevance in the market. We moved into researching the target market and analysing any competitive operations. Once we had a solid understanding of the product, the market and the competition, we then moved into wireframing the tailor-made solution, once the client approved our Design Team designed the whole solution that is unique to them and ensures that they stand out from the crowd. Once the client was happy with the mockups, our development team focused on bringing the design to life along with our strategist to ensure every element has a purpose of generating awareness, engagement and conversion of the traffic to leads.

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