Disruptive Tech: Huntr

Huntr is an idea that was conceptualized in 2018 by the folks at SignetRing Digital with the promise to disrupt the recruitment industry. Geared with their complimenting backgrounds in technology and design, the Huntr founders met to simplify the recruitment process and create one application for all recruitment and job application needs. The result? An exciting and bold, AI-powered app for the job market that swiftly connects candidates to recruiters. The Founder and CEO of SignetRing Digital identified the problem in one of the biggest outsourcing companies in the UAE, he partnered with his Co-Founder and together they worked with the SignetRing Digital Team to bring the idea to life starting from mapping out the process, brand strategy and development of the solution. In 2020, Huntr was selected by Web Summit, Worlds Greatest Tech Conference for their Alpha Program.

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